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Always looking for fun

If you are a cover, tribute or jam band with a large selection of Stones songs please send me your info.

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"Rich and Glenn were mad at you, for giving head to Michaelene"
Tammy Faye Starlight of the MIKE HUNT BAND, STAR *, Jan 2008

In The Stones Zone

Pleased to meet you! I'm Michaelene, a shattered city girl-lost in suburbia.
I'm just trying to do this jigsaw puzzle before it rains anymore.
I have two fantastic Stones lovin teens and love to do the hip shake with my babe, MonkeyManV!
Turn ons: making bets on kentucky derby days, red light women who sure like to party, cheetah sluuuts and getting my rocks off.
Turn offs: broken speakers
I'm a strange stray cat, oh YEAH!

dont u people ever want to go to bed

The videos from aol are goners. Maybe we can add more from the dumpsters this year :)

Ramblings of a Strange Stray Cat

  1. Shidoobee In Wildwood Nj 2010

    04/23/10 04:16:28 | 1 comments, ramble on

    Planning is in the final stages now, volunteers are appreciated. Announcements coming soon for the 2010 Shidoobee in Wildwood where we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the greatest Stones fan website ever SHIDOOBEEwithStonesdoug!
    As usual we will spend 3 nights and four days of non stop Rolling Stones related fun. three live Stones cover/tribute jam bands, singalongs, sunshine and beaches, drinking, dancing and eating!
    Look for the new section to be added to the website in May 2010...
  2. Shidoobee in Wildwood- Wants vs. Needs-Planning HELP please!!!!

    09/28/09 13:59:34 | 0 comments, ramble on

    When planning our annual Shidoobee in Wildwood extravaganza, I need to determine what is important when selecting our headquarters. I find that our group has such a difference in people's needs and their wants that choosing a location is challenging.

    Many of you are aware that I have been meeting with hotel and motel owners and Wildwood organizations since July. After a few onsite visits for our 2010 headquarters, with more to come, I 'd like to know what...
  3. All that glimmers is not gold, it could be hot rocks

    04/09/09 15:41:07 | 0 comments, ramble on

    What a fantastic wkend seeing my shidoobs in EVL. The Depot is a fun place run by die hard fans with passion for the music we all love.
    The Glimmer twins fronting Hot Rocks last weekend was incredible. Those last minute saviors Mike and Chris, were spot on and fabulous.
    I Love my friends and love my shidoobee!
  4. Ready for Wildwood?!!??!!

    08/19/08 02:08:32 | 0 comments, ramble on

    I'm so stoked about Wildwood! Everything is looking good!
    Thank you everyone who helps to connect people, bring extras, go out of your way to pick up a friend, makes tshirts and stickers, and listens to me b8tch!
    I love you all!
  5. I wish I was hung over?

    04/14/08 13:24:19 | 0 comments, ramble on

    After all the tax stress, a hangover sounds pretty good right now.
    I wish I was able to go to Ellicotville last weekend with my friends instead of doing data entry all weekend.

    Once you shidoobee with stonedoug image, you can never go back to life as...
  6. Shidoobee Shine A Light

    04/09/08 13:54:44 | 1 comments, ramble on

    What a great weekend, I got SHATTERED! All over Manhattan, from Loew's Theater to see the Rolling Stone's in Martin Scorcese's Shine A Light to Walter's Bar, then from Harlem to MiMi's, then onto Flannery's to see Shattered. Holly (fizgig) and I teamed up to drive up on Friday and do the Harlem Shuffle with June and Moon.
    I love Shidoobee!
    Life is just a cocktail party, all down the line.....

    "stimulating, for...
  7. sometimes i'm in kansas

    02/08/08 16:40:06 | 0 comments, ramble on

    ok dorothy, what up with the map marker showing my location as somewhere in kansas?

    there's no place like home
  8. (Shidoobee) Life is just a cocktail party

    02/03/08 15:07:16 | 0 comments, ramble on

    I love shidoobee events!
    This is my kinda crowd, always the best music, great friends and cocktails. What more can you ask for?
    Visit [img=]
  9. deleted again

    02/02/08 18:10:14 | 0 comments, ramble on

    Why are others posts who are flaming and derogatory to others still allowed when all i said was stfu?
  10. oh please

    02/02/08 16:45:59 | 0 comments, ramble on

    fuck the flamers

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